Bucket Elevators:

Reliability in operation, high conveying capacities, long lifetimes and low running costs are what make bucket elevators from AUMUND stand out. Bucket elevators can be designed with either a forged central chain or a belt, depending on the material to be conveyed and the application.

AUMUND proposes bucket elevator systems specifically tailored to individual plant requirements according to conveying capacity and the characteristics of the material to be transported:

Pan Conveyors:

Used in automated production processes which require stockpiling or blending of raw materials, additives and intermediates. They are able to withstand abrasion, corrosion and high temperatures and can be inclined or horizontal depending on your requirements. They are suited especially for the most severe conditions of any plant. Bottlenecks in material flow to or from hoppers, storage halls, stockpiles or silos can hinder plant productivity, therefore the right design of the conveying and storage technology is paramount. 

Samson Material Feeders :

The Samson® Material Feeder from AUMUND is a discharge conveyor which receives bulk materials directly from trucks or other vehicles and unloads rail wagons or front-end loaders. A flexible solution, it is chosen in many industries and applications all over the world for its technical benefits and its cost-effectiveness.

Drag Chain Conveyors:

Drag Chain conveyors are generally used where sticky bulk materials such as chalk, gypsum, clay or raw coal are to be extracted from a hopper. Often used for the extraction of filter dust or additives.  As this machine conveys bulk material in a closed trough, the impact on the environment is minimized.

Ship loading:

The SAMSON Mobile Shiploader offers flexible solutions for every loading application. The fully mobile chassis allows operations on every berth. Different designs match every type of vessel from barges to Panamax size. Loading capacity reaches up to 2,000 tons per hour, depending on the specifics of the material being handled. The SAMSON Mobile Shiploaders are a cost effective and fast track solution with complete flexibility and can be combined with the SAMSON Material Feeder Receiving Unit.

Stockpile Stacker/Reclaimers:

Longitudinal storage is very frequently adopted if there is a need to store large volumes of bulk material between individual process steps. Also such buffer facilities are often employed for homogenization or blending of different products. SCHADE offers optimum solutions for both areas of application. Sometime stockpiles which are set up in tight spaces yet need to handle high capacities are increasingly conceived as circular storage. SCHADE has helped drive forward developments in this very field and can demonstrate excellent references worldwide.