Automatic Bin Vent

Installed on top of a storage tank, the Automatic Bin Vent filters the exhaust air and avoids pressure build up in the tank. As the material is pneumatically carried into a storage tank, most of it is dropped from suspension and the dust filled excessive air is vented through the filter and airborne dust particles are stuck in the filter bags /cartridges.
Sequentially timed bursts of compressed air, controlled by solenoid valves, pulse the bags or cartridges and dislodge the dust particles to clean the filters. The product remains in the storage tank and clean air drains through the tank vent into the atmosphere.
The standard material of construction is carbon steel with enamel coating. The unit’s filter element is cleaned by a system of reverse jet cleaning from a compressed air accumulator. The air is directed through the venturi, inducing a greater volume of air to clean the filter element for more complete dust particle dislodging. Only a single row of the filter element is pulsed at a time, leaving the remaining filter element on-line.
The interval between pulsing is adjustable which ensures optimal filter element cleaning. The bin vent’s filter element is easily accessed for service through the quick access door. The air pulse cleaning of the filter element is regulated by the timer control panel. The timer allows easy alignment of the frequency and duration of each pulse and a display shows which element row is currently being cleaned. All solenoids for pulse cleaning are located in the panel. Each bin vent is equipped with a pressure differential indicator. The gauge measures the difference in pressure between the filter element housing and the clean air plenum, informing the operator of the effectiveness of the filter cleaning system.
Available in different sizes and materials of construction depending on the application.