Bulk Bag Handling Equipment

Bulk Bag Unloaders: Heavy-duty bulk bag unloaders will unload and discharge any and all material from bags. If it can be unloaded from a Super Sack®, bulk bag, jumbo sack, or FIBC – we can handle it with a robust design, simple and effective bag agitation, and guaranteed results! We can set up your bulk bag unloader as a LIW (Loss-In-Weight) or GIW (Gain-In-Weight) batching system, and integrate any up or downstream components required.

Bulk Bag Fillers: Heavy-duty bulk bag fillers will exceed your requirements for safe and reliable Super Sack® (bulk bag, big bag, FIBC) filling.  Basic frame designs to Gain-in-Weight batching systems with roller conveyors.

Flexible Screw Conveyors: Our FlexFlo Flexible Screw Conveyors are highly efficient and aimed at satisfying the food, chemical, plastic, waste water treatment, mining, brewery and other markets that need to convey bulk materials including powders, flakes, crystals, granules and irregular shape particles.  Portable, stationary, lengths up to 40’

Bag Dump Stations: FormPak offers filtered and non-filtered bag dump station units for breaking open small bags (25kg, 50#, etc.). The outlets of these units can be customized for any downstream application (conveyors, feeders, hoppers, etc.).