Screeners & Separators

A magnetic separator is a device that is available to be placed inside the receiver cone. It uses a magnet to remove magnetic materials and other ferrous impurities from a metal. These magnetic separators can be used before, after, or during a production process and are adjustable to attract various types of magnetic impurities at different levels of intensity.
This device can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Magnetic separators can either be ferromagnetic or paramagnetic. They come in various sizes, from a table version to a large drum version that can be used in recycling and other heavy manufacturing activities.
A magnetic separator contains a powerful magnet which is placed or suspended from a device or ceiling. If it’s a tabletop magnetic separator, the materials can be passed over the device and if it’s a suspended magnetic separator, it is generally hung over the material to attract the impurities. This machine also comes in a cylindrical design where the material is passed through the separator. This device can purify the materials which are in different parts, a finished product, or even a liquid metal. Therefore, it is an excellent machine to separate magnetic impurities from concentrates as well.

This device can be used to remove natural magnetic minerals like magnetite. It is great for separating steel filings from metal processing material and iron particles. Some of the industrial purposes for which it can be used are listed below.

  • Chemical production plants
  • Waste plants
  • Equipment handling and conveyor belts
  • Recycling processes
  • Agricultural machines
  • Liquid treatment plants
They can be found in scientific laboratories as well as there is usually a requirement for metallic materials that are free of impurities. Here, the magnetic separator is generally a cylinder or flask that prevents cross-contamination between two different substances by forcing all or some of the magnetic materials of a substance into a separate container.
A Magnetic Separator is a versatile device and has a quite simple design which makes it a powerful and portable device that can be adjusted to remove metallic impurities from both solids and liquids.