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DRYWELL wheel dryer is the new generation of dehumidifying dryers. They are efficient, compact, and require very little maintenance. These dryers save more than 40% energy and are fixed on the drying hopper to safe floor space.
It has various features and facilitates easy and convenient monitoring of the whole process. To save time in maintenance, the dryer is removable from the hopper.The drying temperature goes up to 180°C and the dew point remains stable and can be adjusted down to -50°C.
The dryers from Vismec come with an Energy Monitoring system to preserve as much energy as possible. They also have large backlight controllers with a display of complete text. Moreover, there is absolutely no need for compressed air or cooling water and the process airflow is automatic and can be adjusted manually.


Vismec Dryfeed is a revolutionary device that is used in the process of conveying dried materials. Hygroscopic materials like nylon, PET, PC, etc.can easily pick up moisture and humidity during the transferring process. It can enter the system through truck/railcar blowers during unloading, silo vents, pulse jet filters, aeration systems, fans/blowers from pneumatic conveying systems, and open process systems.This moisture can cause problems like mold growth, blockages, contamination, and caking of the material which in turn will lead to wastage of resources, slow production, and an increase in the maintenance cost. To avoid all this, the raw materials must be transported to the injection molding machine or extruder by using warm dry air.
You can very easily install this device on a conveying system of any other brand. This self-contained unit will not decrease the drying capacity of the dryer. In fact, it will result in maximum production performance.


The uniquely designed dryers by Vismec help to ensurethat homogenous moisture levels are applied on the material as they maintain a stable due point. DRYPLUS is a highly energy-efficient dryer that saves up to 40% of energy and ensures versability of application. It is installed separately from the drying hopper.
This device is equipped with a SMART MODE that allows it to automatically adapt the drying process to the production requirements by closely monitoring the temperature of the return air without any wastage of energy. The drying temperature can go up to 180°C. It also facilitates a constant dew point down to -50°C which can be adjusted.
DRYPLUS consists of an Energy monitoring system with a huge controller and complete text display. It does not need any compressed air or cooling water for its functioning. The airflow is automatic or can be adjusted manually depending on the production demand.

Oil Trap

Vismec Oil Trap
Certain materials release droplets of oil during the process of dehumidifying drying. The dehumidifying air can grab this oil and carry it to the dryer which can cause damage and malfunction. Moreover, the process of injection molding or extrusion can also be severely affected. To prevent all this, Vismec Oiltrap is installed near the dryer to extract the oil from the air output through the hopper. For this, it uses a cyclone centrifugal process. This will not only ensure effective drying but also a longer lifespan of the dryer by preventing contamination.
A second stage filtration system for 99.99% oil removal can be added on request. This device is highly suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications due to its high efficiency.

Feeding Kit

Vismec Feeding Kit
The Vismec Feeding Kit is one of its kind device used to connect up to two stations, dryer and process machine or two other machines. For this, it uses a brushless single-phase blower. The control can be integrated directly in the dryer and there is also a possibility of setting a ratio valve to control the amount of air. It is generally used for large scale drying systems.

For even larger drying systems and throughputs,a cyclone filter with a standard side channel blower can be installed instead of the brushless single phase.

Portable Dew Meter Pointer

The Portable Dew Point Meter from Vismec is immensely efficient in measuring the dew point temperature and moisture content of different materials in the dryer system. It is one of the best technology in the field of dry conveying.
Keeping a check on the moisture level of the material is very essential to measure the performance of the drying system with accuracy. The compact design is lightweight and extremely easy to carry around to facilitate spot-checking. You can assess the working of your dryer with this portable dew point meter whenever you want.

The collected data is displayed on the attached screen that has touch functionality. For power, you can either connect it with a power supply or use batteries. Moreover, you can simply log in the data into the device and use a USB stick to process it in a report. An alarm is also installed in the meter to alert when the set limit is exceeded.