Size Reduction Equipment

The Mini Goliath by MO-Di-Tec is a compact and low-speed grinder. It has been specially designed to recycle extremely tiny materials or sprues with a maximum diameter of 4 mm. This is a very economical option, particularly for high tech materials. It is generally used for recycling plastics, PA, PC (with or without fiberglass). The reverse action rotation helps prevent jamming.
This grinder consists of a hopper made of polycarbonate or any other soundproof material whose maintenance and cleaning is extremely simple. The size of the granules is uniform and there is almost zero dust produced. Moreover, minimal wear and tear is caused by the cutting components. This efficient design has a unique modular cutting rotor. The cutting chamber is composed of 1 to 4 reversible cutters, 2 to 5 rollers of 70 mm diameter i.e. 134×113mm or 134×176 mm or 134 x 300mm.
The rotors of the Mini Goliath have a unique tooth design for both trapezoidal and helical cutting. The steel coating makes it resistant to extreme damage and wearing down by harsh and abrasive materials. There is an option available for a special titanium coating that offers maximum protection from damage.
This Mini Goliath takes up very little floor space and is convenient to move from one place to another due to its lightweight of 45 kg. The reversible cutters and combs double its life span with the energy consumption also being low at 0.55kW.

The robust granulator blades need infrequent sharpening, usually once every 5-6 years, depending on the application. This superbly engineered device comes with a metal contamination cut-out option as well. It has a low construction design, starting from 490 mm which facilitates the placement of the granulator directly underneath the injection molding machine.

Options and Accessories:
  • Level sensors
  • Different hoppers
  • Large bin for regrinding
  • Wear-resistant coating of cutting elements