Gate Valves, Diverters & Loading Spouts

PEBCO Ruggedly Built Gate Valves, Diverters, Loading Spouts and Chutes

PEBCO Bucket Diverter: Ideal for both flow diversion and proportional flow splitting applications. PEBCO Bucket Diverters provide zero leakage to the closed leg without the need for elastomer seals. This design provides long operational life with minimal maintenance. The PEBCO Bucket Diverter can be shifted with product flowing through the diverter.PEBCO provides a variety of diverter styles and configurations that are specific to meeting the project’s requirements. Materials of construction for the inlet throat, bucket, and outlet flow surfaces include AR steels, stainless steels, chromium carbide and ceramic liners. It is available in both two-way and three-way diverter configurations. The PEBCO Bucket Diverter has been applied in frac sand, potash, phosphate rock, coal, ore and wood chip/pellet applications.
Baseline Slide Gate (BSG): For use in gravity flow applications handling grains, pellets, and other products. Its bolt together design allows it to be ordered either assembled for immediate installation or un-assembled for ease of storage until needed. Integral lifting lugs make it easy to install. The BSG is available with manual or pneumatic actuation which can easily be field retrofitted to change the method of actuation.Mild steel blade and gearing is standard on the BSG and provide excellent service life. Optional AR 400 abrasion resistant steel or stainless steel blade and gearing are available. The use of cryogenic polymer blade supports eliminate the need for lubrication. Intrinsic blade seal is accomplished through a close tolerance inlet and under blade wiper. Elastomer seals are not required. This design assures long operational life with minimal maintenance.
The PEBCO Dustless Loading Spout: Is used for loading dry bulk solids into open and enclosed trucks, railcars, barges, ships, and containers. The spouts incorporate a series of stacking cones that contain the product as it free falls into the vessel being loaded. An outer sleeve assembly envelops the cone sections in order to contain fugitive dust. PEBCO Dustless Loading Spouts are available with spout positioners, integral dust collectors, and articulated loading systems. Cone materials are available in polyethylene, mild steels, AR steels, stainless steels, and chromium carbides.
The PEBCO Double Blade Mass Flow Feeder: Offers a number of features and benefits unique to this feeder design. The Double Blade Mass Flow Feeder was engineered to provide the en-masse flow control of dry bulk materials from mass flow storage vessels. In addition, this product has been applied under funnel flow storage vessels and hoppers, as well as open stockpiles, providing the same key benefits as when applied under mass flow storage vessels.
The PEBCO Burner Isolation Valve is an NFPA Code 85 design valve for use in boiler applications in coal fired power plants. The PEBCO Burner Isolation Valve design provides a positive shut off and pressure isolation for workers performing maintenance to equipment upstream of the Burner Isolation Valve. Full closure is attained even after extended operation in the open position and repeated thermal cycling. Actuation of the gate can be accomplished using manual, pneumatic, or electric actuators.
PEBCO Telescopic Chutes: Offer reduced dust emissions for open or enclosed storage piles, barge, and ship loading applications. High tonnage rates are attainable with this chute design. Telescopic chutes work well with abrasive products. UHMW Tube sections are available for sticky or corrosive materials or when the dead load of the chute must be as light as possible to minimize loading of existing structures. Winch systems can be either a remote or an integral design.
The PEBCO Food Grade Diverter is a specially designed diverter that provides significantly reduced maintenance and zero leakage to the closed leg and requires no elastomer seals. The valve is of stainless steel construction and was manufactured to food grade processing requirements.
PEBCO Truck and Train Loading Systems provide in-motion loading of trucks and trains. PEBCO loading systems are
available in volumetric, coupled-in-motion and batch weighing technologies. Both telescopic and the patented Uni-load®
chute designs are available for optimal loading performance.
Turnkey loading solutions are now available from PEBCO, Inc.
PEBCO Slide Gates With External Seals: Allow Seals to be inspected, adjusted or changed with gate in place. Designed for quick change out.
The PEBCO Rolling Blade Gate: Is unique with its curved blade design that cams up upon final closure. The cam action design minimizes seal wear for long operational life and creates a tight seal at the point of full closure. The Rolling Blade gate is ideal for grains, granular, and powder products.
PEBCO Coal Valve: Totally enclosed unit with NFPA Code 85F design available. Self cleaning rack and pinion gear design. Drive and rollers protected from coal flow. Unique “U” shaped blade with driving pinion located above self cleaning rack
PEBCO Fluidized Conveyor: Ideal for conveying abrasive material which can wear screw conveyors and cause maintenance problems with belt, drag, and vibrating conveyors. No internal moving parts, no mechanical drive components. Low maintenance.
PEBCO Articulated Loader: Conveying system allows for spotting of the vehicle once to load all hatches. Utilizes monorail, bridge crane, pivot joints, dustless loading spout, gates and conveyors (fluidized conveyor, screw conveyor, etc.). Integral Dust Collector can be incorporated into the system. Manual or fully automated systems are available.
PEBCO Clamshell Gate: Single or double blade design with dual actuator/cylinder. Optional seals for fine or wet materials.
The Hayes & Stolz Distributor:  Allows you to vent your product bins back through the distributor to a single filter or collector. A rotating air pickup spout rotates with the product spout to pickup air from the bin being filled. This spout is connected to the rotating, sealed air plenum. Available from 6″ to 48″ diameter and from 3 to 30 outlets, with many features.  Accuracy is assured with positive acting limit switches.