Vismec Dryfeed is a revolutionary device that is used in the process of conveying dried materials. Hygroscopic materials like nylon, PET, PC, etc. can easily pick up moisture and humidity during the transferring process. It can enter the system through truck/railcar blowers during unloading, silo vents, pulse jet filters, aeration systems, fans/blowers from pneumatic conveying systems, and open process systems. This moisture can cause problems like mold growth, blockages, contamination, and caking of the material which in turn will lead to wastage of resources, slow production, and an increase in the maintenance cost. To avoid all this, the raw materials must be transported to the injection molding machine or extruder by using warm dry air.

Vismec Dryfeed provides well-conditioned air to ensure that the raw material is transported without getting damaged. Due to a separate drying system for the conveying process, you don’t have to use the dry air from the material drying process. It is an extremely economical and convenient option to prevent the moisture from spoiling the material and will help in maintaining hygienic conditions to ensure that the product will remain in high quality.

You can very easily install this device on a conveying system of any other brand. This self-contained unit will not decrease the drying capacity of the dryer. In fact, it will result in maximum production performance.