The uniquely designed dryers by Vismec help to ensure that homogenous moisture levels are applied on the material as they maintain a stable due point. DRYPLUS is a highly energy-efficient dryer that saves up to 40% of energy and ensures versability of application. It is installed separately from the drying hopper.

This device is equipped with a SMART MODE that allows it to automatically adapt the drying process to the production requirements by closely monitoring the temperature of the return air without any wastage of energy. The drying temperature can go up to 180°C. It also facilitates a constant dew point down to -50°C which can be adjusted.

DRYPLUS consists of an Energy monitoring system with a huge controller and complete text display. It does not need any compressed air or cooling water for its functioning. The airflow is automatic or can be adjusted manually depending on the production demand.

This dryer has two kinds of management systems, MPM (Material Protection Management) and SLS (Safety Loading System).

MPM prevents over-drying and degradation of the material by monitoring the return air temperature and the loading system. SLS prevents the material that has not dried from reaching the production machine by monitoring the drying time. The material selection table comes with a system with which you can program or pre-set the drying parameters. A visual and acoustic alarm is also provided for added vigilance.