DRYWELL wheel dryer is the new generation of dehumidifying dryers. They are efficient, compact, and require very little maintenance. These dryers save more than 40% energy and are fixed on the drying hopper to safe floor space.

In this device, the wheel is rotating driven by a step motor through 3 sections that are:

  • Drying
  • Regeneration
  • Cooling

It has various features and facilitates easy and convenient monitoring of the whole process. To save time in maintenance, the dryer is removable from the hopper. The drying temperature goes up to 180°C and the dew point remains stable and can be adjusted down to -50°C.

The dryers from Vismec come with an Energy Monitoring system to preserve as much energy as possible. They also have large backlight controllers with a display of complete text. Moreover, there is absolutely no need for compressed air or cooling water and the process airflow is automatic and can be adjusted manually.

DRYWELL ensures that there is no wastage of energy through its amazing SMART MODE in which there is the monitoring of the return air temperature so that the drying process adapts automatically to the production needs. You can program the drying parameters according to your operations. A visual and acoustic alarm is attached to the dryer as well.

The material is not over dried or degraded as the MPM (Material Protection Management) closely monitors the loading system and the return air temperature. SLS or Safety Loading System monitors the drying time and prevents undried material from reaching the production machine.