Liquid Feeders


Liquid Feeders

Liquid feeders provide accurate continuous volumetric or gravimetric flow control of liquids. These highly precise gravimetric units get combined with a pump and the tank is attached to a suspension scale. A feed pump used for measuring the material is attached outside the scale area. A wide variety of pumps and tanks are grouped together to make a liquid feeder and fulfill specific demands. Pumps are selected according to the building material and feeding capacity.

Liquid Feeders can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are used in many industries and their multiple units prove their accuracy in daily use. Acids, plasticizers, molasses or flavors are typical bulk materials fed by this type of feeder.

Specification and benefits

  • Versatile, modular liquid feeding concept through combination of a wide range of different pumps and tanks.
  • Highly accurate feeding of liquids and pastes, especially with gravimetric units.
  • Three scale sizes & types available, in relation to tank size.
  • Outstanding 2 sigma accuracy
  • Reliable feeding of temperature-sensitive material
  • Direct cost savings compared to other system on the market.