Modular Cartridge Bin Vent

The Modular Cartridge Bin Vent gives amazing air filtration of fine airborne particles from inside a capacity tank and discharges clean air in the environment. While the material is pneumatically passed on into a capacity tank, fine particles of dust are effectively extracted by the unit’s huge cartridge channel. This allows clean air to get released through the tank. Reverse jet cleaning from a packed air collector pulses the cartridge filter, dislodging any fines and returning them to the capacity tank.

The design of this Bin vent is such that it is extremely maintenance-friendly. The materials that are used for the construction are carbon steel enamel coating or stainless steel. Stainless steel is used so that it can be well suited for food-grade, corrosive and abrasive functions.

It is a very economical option and easy to install. The single-cartridge filter is made from strong polyester which is washable for efficient filtration. The cartridge filter is vertically hung and has shallow, open pleats so the dust is released efficiently even for complicated materials. Each unit can filter 5.7 – 11.3 m3 /min [200 – 400 ft3 /min] of air, depending upon the application. Easy access to the cartridge filter is allowed with the help of quick-release clamps. There is a built-in weather hood and specially designed diffuser so that the entire filter is cleaned with every air pulse. There is no exhaust fan, unlike other bin vents.

Listed below are some standard features:

  • No tools required for tank deck maintenance
  • Large pulse-cleaned cartridge filter with 9.3 m2 [100 ft2 ] cloth area
  • Very easy to install and cost-effective
  • CE compliant
  • Additional units can be added for greater filtration
  • Frequency and pulse duration can be adjusted easily
  • Spare timer included
  • Built-in weather hood