Optical Fiber Cables

Silica Fiber Anhydroguide (SFS) and Superguide (SFS) Silica Core / Silica Clad fibers are generally used in photonics applications, power delivery, and sensing. These applications require an individual or bundled large-core multimode fibers for the transmission of optical energy. The fibers can be coated with a variety of polymers or metals to operate in extreme temperature conditions.

Fiber optic cables contain glass threads that are capable of digital data transmission modulated into light waves. They are lighter in weight and less susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Due to the bandwidth, the data-carrying performance of optical fiber cables is much better than ordinary metal conductor cables. They are the best option for high-speed data transfer.

Our custom optical fiber assemblies are made from both non-solarizing UV-grade optical fiber and ultra-low OH content NIR-grade optical fiber. They are inexpensive and an easy solution for light guiding applications. They can transport light from a source to a sample or from a sample to a spectrometer or other photodetector. They are ideal for long-distance applications due to their large core high transmittance.

Some other features are:

  • Core diameters of 100, 200, 400 or 600 microns (customized core sizes can be available on request)
  • Lengths from 1 to 50 meters
  • Available in singles, duplex or bundles
  • Bifurcated assemblies
  • Material – fused silica core or silica clad
  • Diameter – Core diameters of 100, 200, 400 or 600 microns (can be customized)
  • Standard termination – SMA 905 (FC and other terminations also available)

Optical fiber assemblies are protected by stainless steel mono coil armor with a PVC or Teflon® outer sleeve so that they can perform and survive in harsh conditions. They have a ‘loose tube’ construction.