Portable dew point meter

The Portable Dew Point Meter from Vismec is immensely efficient in measuring the dew point temperature and moisture content of different materials in the dryer system. It is one of the best technology in the field of dry conveying.

Keeping a check on the moisture level of the material is very essential to measure the performance of the drying system with accuracy. The compact design is lightweight and extremely easy to carry around to facilitate spot-checking. You can assess the working of your dryer with this portable dew point meter whenever you want.

In a standard dryer, there is an option of an internal dew point sensor. For external analysis, this dew point meter has an integrated vacuum pump to allow low-pressure sampling.

The collected data is displayed on the attached screen that has touch functionality. For power, you can either connect it with a power supply or use batteries. Moreover, you can simply log in the data into the device and use a USB stick to process it in a report. An alarm is also installed in the meter to alert when the set limit is exceeded.