Railcar Bin Vent

The Railcar Bin Vent units are generally constructed from 11-gauge carbon steel which is fully welded with bar stock stiffeners so that it is suitable for industrial purposes. This bin vent dust collector comes with welded, heavy gauge, direct-drive industrial-grade BI fans, and highly efficient TEFC motors that are manufactured according to special requirements.

These units consume less energy due to their low-pressure drop construction. These Dust Collection Systems are equipped with high tech and latest Pulse-Jet cleaning systems. The cleaning systems have supersonic nozzles for the most efficient and effective cleaning.

The best part is that you can customize the fit of this Railcar Bin vent according to a specific space and the operating requirements. The system will be constructed according to the specific space requirements to cater to your needs.

These Bin Vent Dust collectors are suitable for Silo loading and transferring bulk powder raw materials from trucks to silos or railcars to silos. They ensure that all environmental norms comply during bulk material or powder transfer.

Listed down are some key features of Railcar Bin Vent Dust Collector System:

  • Available in two profiles – horizontal low or vertical compact
  • Low-pressure drop operations are facilitated by the high tech pulse jet cleaning system
  • 200 to 4000 CFM range
  • High-efficiency industrial BI fans with TEFC motor.
  • The fans and filter sections are flexibly connected to isolate vibrations.
  • Easy access to filters due to the cam lock door handles
  • 11 gauge carbon steel welded fully with bar stock stiffeners
  • 2” structural angle mounting flange for bin vent arrangement
  • Industrial diaphragm and solenoid valves
  • Solid-state timer control in NEMA 4 enclosure

All the features, including size and configurations, are custom built to meet your specific needs.

Here are some options you can choose from:

  • Filter bags – Fabric or cartridge
  • Horizontally mounted or vertically mounted
  • Fan outlet silencer (included or not)
  • Fan assist (included or not)