Vismec Oil Trap

Certain materials release droplets of oil during the process of dehumidifying drying. The dehumidifying air can grab this oil and carry it to the dryer which can cause damage and malfunction. Moreover, the process of injection molding or extrusion can also be severely affected. To prevent all this, Vismec Oil trap is installed near the dryer to extract the oil from the air output through the hopper. For this, it uses a cyclone centrifugal process. This will not only ensure effective drying but also a longer lifespan of the dryer by preventing contamination.

There is absolutely no pressure loss during the process of oil extraction and it operates under a maximum temperature of 200 °C. This Oil trap can condense up to 98% of the oil which is collected in a glass container and can be easily removed and cleaned. The maximum working airflow is 200 m³/h and the water connection is of stainless steel.

A second stage filtration system for 99.99% oil removal can be added on request. This device is highly suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications due to its high efficiency.