Specializes in supplying powder handling systems to companies who handle and process powders, granules and tablets in the Food, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical and Chemical sectors.

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs): World-leading IBCs for the processing, storage and transport of bulk material solids, powders, granules, and tablets.  Our unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC prevents the traditional powder handling issues of bridging, blocking and blend segregation

IBC Tumble Blending: Matcon in-bin blending powder mixer systems ensure that your materials are mixed effectively and your operation becomes more efficient with reduced cleaning downtime.

  • High Shear Mixing
  • Fast loading & unloading
  • No cross-contamination
  • Increased product yields
  • Improved manufacturing productivity (high OEE rate)

Cone Valves: The Cone Valve overcomes all of the typical powder handling problems associated with butterfly valves and silo hoppers, such as bridging, blockages, mix segregation and core-flow. This impressive discharge device also provides accurate, automatic and controlled discharge of virtually any powder type, achieving what other systems cannot.

Discharger Valves: Designed for fitting to silos and hoppers to equip them with Cone Valve technology, Discharger Valves deliver a controlled discharge of materials.  Matcon’s Discharger Valves overcome typical powder flow problems and provide an automatic and controlled discharge of virtually any powder type.