Triton Innovation


Triton Innovation, LLC is a provider of wash down and stainless steel conveyors, container (cart) dumpers, and specialty products designed to meet the needs of food processing operations. Their equipment’s capabilities extend from raw ingredients through packaged ready to eat product.


Triton Innovation has a very versatile box dumper product line for a magnitude of applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. An efficient, reliable, ergonomic and sanitary method for dumping many types of containers. Available in a broad range of load capacities from under 500 lbs to over 10,000 lbs, including numerous dumping heights to choose from. Optional safety enclosures help keep personnel at a safe distance while the dumper is in motion. Front or side loading capabilities allow us to handle various container types. Fixed position or automated hold downs keep containers in place while being dumped. Sensors can be used for automated controlled flow dumping if an all-at-once or manually controlled dump is not desirable. Floor level is standard, however loading dock level dumping is also available, making loading waste compactors much easier. Using a Triton Innovation dumper in your facility can provide a more ergonomic environment and increase productivity.


belt conveyor
Triton Innovation offers an array of conveyor configurations at competitive pricing. With the multitude of choices, we help guide you through the process of selecting the optimum conveyor for your business. We help match your application’s requirements with a conveying solution by first selecting the proper configuration, and then the specific design requirements are determined that best fit your food processing needs.


Wire Mesh Conveyor
Our wire mesh conveyors are constructed of stainless steel, can withstand extreme high and low temperatures and maximize air flow through the belt. Whether the process is to batter, bread, glaze, coat, cool, drain, dry, or wash; wire mesh conveyors are available in length, width, belt speed and load capacity options to fit the specific needs of your application. Corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent and temperature resistant; wire mesh offers increased endurance and reliability with less maintenance. The open wire mesh provides easier access for cleaning, eliminating the recurring cost and downtime for disassembling and reassembling the equipment. Each conveyor can be designed to fit a specific purpose with its many options, sizes, and accessories-such as cleats and types of metal belt patterns to ensure effectiveness.


Modular plastic belts are made of plastic modules and are assembled in an interlocked pattern with hinge rods linking them together. Driven by plastic sprockets, plastic belts have many qualities that food plant operators and designers look for. Based on the food application that is desired, each conveyor can be customized by size, belt type, and configuration, as well as many other options. Modular plastic belts are easy to clean and very low maintenance. If a section of the belt is damaged, the damaged modules can be replaced without having to replace the entire belt, lowering costs and the down time typically needed for repairs. From washing to filling to rinsing to inspecting to packaging to transporting, modular plastic belt conveyor has the versatility to fit many food production needs.


Roller Gravity
At Triton Innovation LLC we strive to help you find the perfect conveyor to fit your food handling needs. Our overall intent is to improve functionality and production while maintaining sanitation during food processing. Roller conveyors are offered with a variety of options tailored specifically for food handling applications, helping you produce your products more efficiently. Gravity Roller, Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR), Lineshaft Driven Live Roller (LDLR) and Motor Driven Roller (MDR) conveyors are available to fit your packaged food handling needs. Rollers can be custom built for extreme temperature ranges, high speed, and wash-down environments along with many other customizations. We can also include accumulation into your conveyor for optimal performance. Whether you are considering a basic gravity conveyor or a more intricate powered system, Triton Innovation LLC is here to assist you.


Homogeneous Belt Conveyor
This tensionless conveyor belting’s thermoplastic structure makes for a superior conveyor that is more hygienic than standard belt conveyors. It reduces bacterial harborage along with the likelihood of related contamination incidents. The belt has a non-porous/non-absorbent surface which lowers the possibility of food allergen cross-contamination. Its light weight, smooth, non-stick, quick-drying properties help save time and money when cleaning the belt between applications. Also, because of its lighter weight and easier clean ability, product changeover can happen quickly, lowering operating costs, increasing productivity, and profit. Homogenous belts have a life span up to 5 times longer than standard belts. They offer a wide operating temperature range and are ideal for wet or oily products. For raw products, this sanitary belt type provides lower bacteria counts in direct contact with food, making it an excellent choice in most hygienic food applications.


Triton Innovation’s engineering and production experience brings many years of knowledge and experience to the table when called upon for a unique solution to a customer’s food handling equipment needs. Whether it is a modified design of an existing piece of equipment or something unique, we’ll work with you to develop a solution to the challenges of the application.