Probes & Flow Cells

Probes and flow cells are designed for application with NIR or UV/VIS fiber-optic coupled analyzers. They are designed in such a manner that they provide optimal transmission for long term reliable measurements while operating in harsh chemical and physical process conditions. They can measure solids, liquids, slurries, polymer melts, pastes, and even gases.

Optical immersion probes and flow cells are one of the main analytical devices in laboratories and industries. They are used to access difficult entry points in extreme conditions of heat and pressure. Combined with FT-NIR or UV/VIS spectrophotometers, these immersion probes makes it easy to do the quantitative and qualitative product analysis and determine its physical and chemical characteristics. Some of the common analysis done through these devices are:

  • Fractionation
  • Peroxide, iodine concentration, octane rating
  • Oil and moisture concentration in food items
  • The concentration of fat, water, lactose and particulates in milk
  • Percentage of alcohol
  • Acidity and OH values
  • Amino acids determination
  • Concentration of caffeine

These devices can be implemented in pilot plants, laboratories, and production. Apart from end-point determination, probes and flow cells are used to monitor the real-time reaction. A few common examples of such reactions are Polymerization, Hydrogenation, Hydrolysis, Esterification, and Epoxidation reactions.

One can facilitate optimal and efficient process control of optical immersion probes by allowing production and quality control processes to be monitored in real-time along with their online regulation.

The production engineers can better govern the manufacturing processes in real-time as they gain insights into the internal workings of the process. As a result, the production cycles become quicker and the rate of error is significantly reduced. Moreover, the overall production output is increased and less amount of waste is produced. These devices help to streamline production, documenting procedures, and quality control processes. Hence, the company is able to reduce its expenses.

Equitech Int’l Corporation specializes in the design, sales, installation, and service of fiber optic instrumentation systems. Through the use of proprietary fiber optic probes, our high-quality dual-beam spectrophotometer, and easily integrated software, our systems dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of industrial quality control efforts and compliance requirements. Their systems provide reliable, real-time process measurement data. 

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