Software Utilities

Spectrometers when combined with compatible software and support tools, create powerful information that helps to simplify, improve, and streamline the research and production processes. There are mainly 3 types of software.


This software is designed to be used with the Equispec Inline Color Spectrophtotmeter (OCS). With this, operators can monitor L*, a*, b* under a series of illuminants and observers. It confirms that the production batches are within the tolerance range of approved standards. Managers and process engineers are able to set standards and tolerance by using security features while letting the operators use, access, and recall prior operational files without affecting the settings.

The operators can review different files at any given time as this software saves all the color values that are measured with the tolerances for every job in a single file.


Equichem is used with the Equispec Chemical Process Analyzer (CPA). This software comes in handy for complete configuration, data collection, and plotting, which include residuals, statistics, errors, and predictions. It also does all the calculations and predicts the results.

A number of chemometric techniques are used within the program like:

  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Classical Least Squares
  • Principal Component Regression
  • Polynomial Least Squares

Real-time predictions of chemical concentrations can be provided by all the models when used online.


The Equifilm software is designed to be used with the Equispec Film Thickness Analyzer (FTA). It is used to continuously measure the film thickness in real-time in a range of 0.5 to 300 microns. This software is very reliable and simple to operate. It can simultaneously measure up to 5 layers in a multilayer product and comes with an alarm system to alert operators regarding off-spec products.