Vismec Feeding Kit

The Vismec Feeding Kit is one of its kind device used to connect up to two stations, dryer and process machine or two other machines. For this, it uses a brushless single-phase blower.  The control can be integrated directly in the dryer and there is also a possibility of setting a ratio valve to control the amount of air. It is generally used for large scale drying systems.

There are instances when certain kinds of materials pick up moisture during the process of transferring. This moisture can spoil the material which will lead to a delay in production and an increase in overall expenses. Feeding Kit from Vismec will provide a sufficient amount of warm dry to all the attached stations and maintain the appropriate level of dryness in the materials. This will also ensure that proper hygiene conditions are maintained and there is no contamination. It is an economical and convenient method to increase the overall efficiency of the system and improve production performance.

For even larger drying systems and throughputs, a cyclone filter with a standard side channel blower can be installed instead of the brushless single phase.