Weigh Belt Feeders


Weigh Belt Feeders

The smart weight belt feeders (SWB) offer gentle and careful handling for fragile bulk materials at a lower cost as compared to the loss-in-weight feeders that generally work on higher feed rates. These feeders work simply yet in a highly efficient manner with high feeding precision and timely monitoring. These feeders are perfect for putting in free-flowing material wherever the headroom is less.

These feeders operate by continuously weighing a moving bed of materials on a short conveyor with a controlled speed which helps in the desired flow rate.

Specifications and Features

  • Gentle gravimetric feeding of free-flowing and friable bulk material
  • Suitable for handling materials with special characteristics, e.g. materials with very low melting points, powders with wax additives, or very abrasive materials
  • Ideal for large quantities
  • Online taring option available
  • No refill device required
  • Compact height allows easy fit in low headroom situations
  • Comparatively low price for high mass flow feed rates